What Really Happens To Your Body When You Sit In A Hot Tub

No well-earned vacation is complete without a soak in a hot tub. Hot tubs are all about relaxation and setting a mood. You've probably felt these effects yourself firsthand, but have you ever wondered what may be going on physically inside your body while enjoying those swirling hot jets? We did some digging and it turns out that hot tubs can offer us some major health benefits, as long as we are mindful to avoid their potential risks.

First off, there are mental and emotional benefits to be gained from sitting in a hot tub. Not only does the warming effect of a hot tub promote one's quality of sleep, but doing so right before bed will quicken the rate at which you're able to fall asleep and reduce the chances of waking up in the middle of the night (via Ferrari Pools, Patios & Spas). Additionally, stress can be hazardous to our health, but a hot tub can take care of that through its mood-boosting effects. The massage of the jets coupled with that easygoing floating sensation can help reduce anxiety.

Hot tubs can also have physical benefits for our body, according to Ferrari Pools, Patios & Spas. Sitting in a hot tub prompts an increase in blood circulation, which can reduce joint inflammation from arthritis, regulate blood pressure, and rejuvenate skin. In addition, the release of muscle tension while in a hot tub can help relieve painful migraines.

How long is too long to sit in a hot tub?

A word of caution about hot tubs: soaking for too long can negatively impact your health. According to Swim World, a soak lasting too long can cause dizziness and nausea from prolonged exposure to temperatures higher than your normal body temperature. For this reason, it's important to factor in certain potential risks when considering a hot tub dip, such as age, health, and the temperature of both the weather and the water itself.

Most standard hot tubs are kept between 100 and 102 degrees and soaks should be kept between 15 to 30 minutes for most healthy adults, according to Swim World. Be sure to abide by any age restrictions in place by the facility, as young children may or may not be permitted in the hot tub. You'll want to take extra care to check the temperature of the hot tub, but on average, children should limit their time in the hot tub to around 5 minutes, though older children can be limited to up to 20 minutes.

Ferrari Pools, Patios & Spas also cautions hot tub users against continuous back-and-forth between the pool and the hot tub, as the rapid changes in temperature can negatively impact one's blood pressure. Additional precautions to be mindful of include the consumption of alcohol and the use of medications that may cause additional drowsiness as a side effect. With health and safety in mind, you can still enjoy a well-deserved soak without overdoing it.