The Real Reason You Should Not Order The Most Popular Items At Restaurants

Restaurants are only just now finding their footing after a devastating beating, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. It's possible that the restaurant business will never recover economically, according to CNN. Before the pandemic, as of 2019, Americans ate out an average of 5.9 times per week. Some spent over $2,000 every year on dining out, although this depended on the state, explains Business Insider. 

While it will take some time for the restaurant industry to rebound to its pre-pandemic level of success, there's no doubt that people still love to eat at restaurants. Whether it's for date night, birthdays, work lunches, or anniversaries, people enjoy going out and eating a nice meal prepared by a professional chef. However, some things on the menu should be avoided, specifically when it comes to the bestsellers. Here are some of the reasons why you should not order the most popular items at restaurants.

Many restaurants pre-make their bestselling meals

When it comes to the bestselling items at restaurants that don't cost much to make, such as cheeseburgers, one would assume the ingredients are always fresh due to the quick turnover. However, that same demand is what makes bestsellers a poor choice for diners. To keep up with the orders, fast-food restaurants and other establishments often pre-make their top-selling items to quickly grab and serve, according to The Healthy. A burger sitting in a heater, wrapped and bagged for potentially hours, may transmit food-borne illness.

What should you do instead? Howard Cannon, CEO of Restaurant Expert Witness, told The Healthy that customers should order popular menu items less frequently. These alternatives are more likely to be prepared fresh after the customer orders it. "Anything sitting in holding, covered with mayonnaise is probably not that great," he told The Healthy. Instead, Business Insider recommends trying certain fish dishes or items that are braised to increase the chances of getting a freshly prepared meal.