Why Hunter March Really Works Out - Exclusive

E! "Nightly Pop" host Hunter March would be lying if he told you that he doesn't work out for the good looks. Like it or not, that's Hollywood. "For my career, unfortunately, people care about that," March told Health Digest's sister site, Mashed, in an exclusive interview. "[Achieving good looks] does play into [my workout goals] and then it's this self-feeding cycle."

March is also the first to sheepishly admit that he's filled his socials with "thirst traps" (his words, not ours). If you follow the late-night talk show host on The Gram, you may have picked apart his workout routine already. Along with stretching and what he describes as "rehab-style" exercises, March says that he does "a lot of strength-building exercises to put on muscle." Having grown up "very, very thin," March admitted that "the hardest thing for me is to put on pounds, which I know is not a common issue or one that people really love hearing about."

While the TV personality started exercising to look good, March says that his workout goals changed when he hit his 30s. It's no longer primarily about six-packs and Popeye biceps.

Hunter March works out for himself

Hunter March isn't the kind of person who feels the effects of not working out immediately. "The problem is I feel surprisingly okay when I do not do anything," he said. But as he's gotten older, the "Sugar Rush" host has noticed that a steady workout routine directly affects his emotional well-being. "I can go months without working out before I noticed that my anxiety has risen," he explained. "My chance of falling into a depression or a melancholy skyrockets if I'm not working out. My confidence is lower."

The alarm bells start ringing for March when other people start noticing he's lost weight. "Then I go, 'Ugh, I have to start working out, and maybe that's why I'm feeling all these internal things!'" he said. Now, working out is as much about "feeling good" as it is about looking the part. "I'm one of those people who goes, 'I'm not doing this for you, I'm doing this for me,' which feels silly to me, but it is true," March divulged to Mashed. "I want to work out so much, so that I see myself in a mirror and I go, 'I'd date that guy. That's the type of guy I'm attracted to.'"

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