What Counts As A Red Food On Noom?

Rather than classifying food as bad or good, the science-based meal tracking app, Noom, uses a color coded system to help you lose weight. It's designed to help you to understand which foods should be eaten sparingly (red foods), in moderation (yellow foods), or freely (green foods). They are labeled according to the nutrient and caloric density of the food (per Women's Health). According to Noom, diets should mainly consist of green foods (i.e. fruits, veggies, whole grains, non-fat dairy) and yellow foods (i.e. healthy fats, whole eggs, dairy, lean meat).

Since no foods are off limits in Noom, if you're craving sugary foods or fried foods, that's okay. You're not alone. According to Popsugar, red foods are calorie dense and tend to be less healthy, which is why they should be eaten sparingly. These foods include pizza, burgers, french fries, cake, and many processed snacks such as classic potato chips (per Women's Health).

Other than fried foods, some of the most common red foods on Noom are full fat diary products (via Popsugar). These include whole milk, ice cream, cheese, and some plant-based milk options like coconut milk. Even some meats are classified on Noom's red food list. Thicker cuts of beef or pork, and the beloved brunch staple, bacon, all find themselves on the red list.

Other common red foods on Noom

Believe it or not, some fruits and nuts are also placed on Noom's red food list. These common foods are dates, dried cranberries, raisins, and nut butters like peanut or almond butter (per SF Gate). Sometimes these items have added sugars, so Noom recommends buying products that are as natural as possible (i.e. peanut butter without sugar), and pairing them with green items like celery to help you feel full longer.

When it comes to stocking your pantry, Noom considers anything with an extremely long shelf life a red food. That's right — frozen tv dinners entrees, crackers, dried beans, bagels, biscuits, jerky, and even protein powders all make the red food list (per Noom). Although if you're stocking the pantry with whole grain breads, rather than white breads you'll find that food item on the green list.

With drinks, it's best to stick with unsweetened coffee and tea since these are considered green foods, Popsugar notes. Other drinks that are high in sugar like sweet tea, and alcoholic beverages, such as red or white wine, vodka, rum, and tequila are also red foods. While no foods are off limits, Noom recommends focusing on eating enough calories first and staying hydrated, then concentrating on eating more green and yellows foods.