Boxer And Trainer Kollins Ezekh Reveals How To Train For Peak Performance - Exclusive

Figuring out how to train your body for peak performance can be difficult. Should you focus on strength training or cardio or movements that are specific to the sports or activities that you like to do? Though every trainer has their own opinions about which kind of training is most important, many agree that the real answer is "it depends on your goals."

Professional boxer and celebrity trainer Kollins Ezekh has spent years figuring out how to train his body for peak performance as a boxer. He's also spent years helping people achieve their fitness goals, tailoring their workout regimens so they can achieve peak performance. Along the way, he's become an expert on what works and what doesn't and why people who are working out for overall health and wellness need to train differently than those working out for peak performance in a specific sport or activity.

In an exclusive interview with Health Digest, Ezekh revealed how he trains to optimize his body for boxing, what kinds of exercises he includes, and which ones he skips.

Exercising for fitness vs. sports

Kollins Ezekh emphasized the importance of choosing workouts based on the sports and activities you like to engage in. He also cautioned that focusing on the wrong kinds of movements could actually be detrimental to your performance.

"For example, bodybuilding is counterproductive to boxing as it may result in reduced speed, but cardio will help improve speed," Ezekh explained.

As a professional boxer, he does a lot of cardio and some sport-specific strength training. Many of his workouts include plyometric movements performed at an intense pace to build strength, speed, and cardiovascular fitness all at the same time.

Of course, Ezekh's workouts are tailored to his sport — boxing. What about those of us who aren't training for a sport? According to Dr. Stephen W. Farrell of the Cooper Institute — a non-profit dedicated to exercise research — for the everyday fitness junkie, it doesn't really matter whether you focus on strength training or cardio. They both contribute to overall health and wellness, so do what you like. He clarified that both strength training and cardio are crucial to every fitness plan, so everyone needs to incorporate both in some way. 

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