Are Bala Bangles Worth The Hype?

Bala Bangles are wearable weights that can be strapped around your wrists or ankles. According to Byrdie, Bala Bangles come in a variety of different colors and sizes, ranging in weight from ½-pound to 2-pound sets. Although 2 pounds may not sound very heavy, attaching these weights to your body can add extra resistance to all of your workouts. As a result, Bala Bangles are a great tool to use in conjunction with low-impact exercises, like yoga, pilates, strength training, or walking.

However, you'll want to avoid wearing them during intense, high-impact workouts. That's because Bala Bangles can put too much stress on your muscles and joints if worn during more intense workouts, like running or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). In fact, doing so could lead to bad form, connective tissue damage, muscle imbalance, and other injuries. That's why it's best to take them off when transitioning from low-impact to high-impact activities.

Benefits of bala bangles

According to experts at Well+Good, adding Bala Bangles to your workouts can help engage your muscles and elevate your cardio. That's because wearing weights on your ankles or wrists during physical activity can help strengthen your muscles and joints, improve your overall balance and posture, and even reduce your recovery time.

Millie Hanson, an XPRO trainer at Pure Barre, told Well+Good that Bala Bangles are essentially a form of mini strength training. "The weights will contribute to increased muscle activation/fatigue, which leads to a strong, toned body," Hanson said. "Not to mention, [when wearing around your ankle], it's extremely beneficial to work the muscles — thighs, calves, seat, etc. — that surround our knee, hip, and ankle joints!" If you're looking to incorporate Bala Bangles into your workout routine, Hanson recommends picking a set that will challenge you without being too heavy or uncomfortable to complete the entirety of your workout.