CEO Pankaj Gogia Explains How Psychedelic Water Is A Great Alternative To Alcohol - Exclusive

Looking for something to sip at the next party that will make you feel great with no regrets the next day? It's time to grab some Psychedelic Water. Many people want a drink when in social gatherings, whether it's to celebrate, have fun, loosen up, or to help ease social anxiety. Alcohol is a great lubricant for shyness. In fact, about 20% of people with social anxiety also struggle with alcohol dependence (via Alcohol Rehab Guide). Having a non-alcoholic beverage in your hand that helps you relax and provides stress relief may be the answer.

In its first three weeks of launching, Psychedelic Water has sold out in many of the nearly 500 retail locations you can find them in across the United States, including Urban Outfitters and Walmart. With over 15 million views on TikTok, this one-of-a-kind drink is becoming a favorite for its mood-boosting benefits and uplifting experience. Psychedelic Water "tastes good, makes you feel good, is better for you than alcohol, and won't have you texting your ex or waking up with a hangover," says CEO Pankaj Gogia. In an exclusive interview with Health Digest, Gogia shared the benefits of Psychedelic Water and why you should choose it over booze.

Move over alcohol

The goal of Psychedelic Water is to be "highly accessible, make people feel good, and emulate some of the effects of traditional psychedelics using FDA-compliant ingredients," says Gogia. Psychedelic Water contains three main ingredients: kava, damiana, and green tea extract — which are all psychoactive substances, meaning they can affect the brain and shift mood, awareness, thoughts, emotions, and even behavior. No need to worry, though – psychoactive doesn't necessarily mean hallucinogenic. Alcohol and caffeine are also considered psychoactive substances (via National Cancer Institute). 

Psychedelic Water offers an approachable (and legal) way to dip your toe into the psychoactive waters. "We're here for the people who are interested in, unsure about, or unfamiliar with psychedelics. We want to act as an entry point for people into the wider world of these substances and their many benefits," says Gogia. Psychedelic Water was created to simulate the euphoria-like effects of psychedelics but in a softer way.

Star of the sober-curious movement

Kava is all-natural — it comes from the root of a plant native to the Pacific Islands. It contains kavapyrones, a psychotropic substance that acts similar to alcohol in your brain, promoting feelings of peace and happiness. It is also believed to act as a mild pain reliever and can relax your muscles (via WebMD). Kava has been known to promote feelings of joy, relaxation, and uplift your frame of mind: "Because of its mood-boosting effect, Psychedelic Water makes for a great alternative to alcohol."

"People have described themselves as feeling giggly, bubbly, serene, and content after trying our blend. Basically, it gets you feeling good and puts a smile on your face while keeping your head clear and your cognition intact. It doesn't mess you up the way that alcohol or cannabis does," states Gogia. "It's low-calorie, vegan, GMO-free, alcohol-free, and gluten-free, making it a great choice if you're looking to cut back on alcohol consumption or if you're just looking for a healthy choice to keep the fridge stocked this summer."

To find out more about Psychedelic Water, you can visit the website and online shop.