Hayley MacLean

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Renton, WA
Bastyr University, Washington State University
Healthy Recipes, Plant-Based Recipes, Instant Pot Recipes, Seafood Recipes
  • Hayley is a Certified Nutritionist in Washington State.
  • She has been creating recipes and writing for her own blog, Happy Healthy Hayley, for over five years.
  • She had previously created recipes for many large scale kitchens, including Cafe Mario on the Nintendo of America campus and many other institutional campuses.


Hayley has worked in the nutrition and food industry for almost a decade, with experience spanning from cooking in multiple kitchens to interning under seasoned Registered Dietitians. She is currently a Certified Nutritionist in Washington state and studying for her Registered Dietitian examination. Specializing in functional nutrition and gut health, she has published two papers on the subject through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics surrounding the link between digestive health and mental illness, and she has spoken publicly about the link between diet and emotion. In addition to her academic career, Hayley has worked in many food service roles, getting to create recipes for places such as Cafe Mario at the Nintendo of America headquarters. Her most recent role was that of dietetic intern for Sodexo, a worldwide food services and facilities management company.


Hayley has a master's in Nutrition from Bastyr University, a small alternative medicine university outside of Seattle, Washington. Prior to that, she received her bachelor's in Communications from Washington State University.
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