Sarah Hannah Gomez

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Tucson, AZ
University Of Arizona, Simmons University
Fitness, Wellness, Media
  • Hannah has been a group fitness instructor since 2015 and has more than ten certifications in myriad modalities including Pilates, indoor cycling, and TRX.
  • Hannah is a chameleon, comfortable working and communicating in a variety of environments, from low- and high-income communities, formal and informal education, with people aged 6 months to 106 years, and in fields including family development, crime diversion, antiracism training, retail, book publishing, and more.
  • Hannah reads more than 120 books a year across genres, including science, history, fantasy, thriller, art, poetry, romance, and more.


Sarah Hannah Gómez is a Tucson-based writer and editor. Never one for team sports, she was a swimmer and ballet folklórico (traditional Mexican dance) dancer growing up. In her twenties, she discovered group fitness and never looked back. An avid reader, she received an MA in history and critical theory of children's literature in 2013 and is close to completing a doctorate in the same.


Hannah has a master's degree in library and information science, making her an expert at search strategies and analysis of research. Pilates certification alone was a 500-hour intensive process involving formal anatomy and body mechanics education in addition to practical work, and her other certifications make up another 100+ hours of education.
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