What You Need To Know Before Trying TikTok-Famous HUM Nutrition

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If you follow nutrition and health topics on TikTok, you might have seen people proclaiming their love (or frustration) about HUM Nutrition. HUM Nutrition offers a variety of supplements to improve sleep, digestion, skin, and women's health. The founder of HUM Nutrition had battled adult acne but became frustrated using medications and topical creams. After considering that his digestive health might factor into his skin health, he began working with a nutritionist to improve his skin.

While you can buy bottles of HUM Nutrition products through Amazon and Target, purchasing HUM Nutrition through the website will give you a variety of discounts, including 40% off your first order. VIP programs and subscription plans will also save you more money than if you bought an individual bottle on HUM's website.

If you take the quiz on the site, you'll get personalized recommendations for products. These choices can be sent immediately to your shopping cart, where you can save more than $45 on a $128 order. You'll also be assigned a personal registered dietician who will give you a report on what great health-related choices you're already making and areas that could use improvement. Let's look a little closer at the pros and cons of HUM Nutrition.

The pros of HUM Nutrition

When you try HUM Nutrition, you'll be getting relatively clean products. HUM Nutrition is certified by the Clean Label Project, which means the products are free from heavy metals and pesticide residues. Products are also free from genetically modified ingredients, according to the Non-GMO Project. HUM Nutrition supplements are also free of the "Tricky 12," which are ingredients like artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, or flavors.

HUM Nutrition also employs five registered dieticians (rather than nutritionists), which means they have completed formal education and are licensed, typically by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, to give nutrition-related health advice.

Do HUM Nutrition products work? Two of HUM Nutrition's best-sellers that have the most ratings are Flatter Me and Daily Cleanse. Flatter Me, which claims to support digestive health and reduce bloating, has 18 digestive enzymes plus ginger root, peppermint, and fennel seed. Verified buyers on the website say that the product improves their digestion and bloating. Customers on Amazon agree, and the product has a 4.1 rating out of 5. Customers also like Daily Cleanse's herbal blend and antioxidants to improve their energy and remove toxins. Users also say that it improves the clarity of their skin.

The cons of HUM Nutrition

Even though you can buy a single supplement on HUM's website, you get deeper discounts on the retail price if you purchase a monthly subscription or enroll in the VIP program. Most of the complaints on the Better Business Bureau website are centered on the subscription service, but HUM representatives addressed each complaint the day they were filed. Trustpilot also has some of the same complaints when ordering on the website. However, you don't have to purchase HUM Nutrition on the website to get discounts. Fan Club, a supplement for perimenopause symptoms such as hot flashes, has a retail price of $40 on the website. You can find it for $37.71 on Amazon and get free shipping if you're already a Prime member.

According to some of the reviews on Amazon, some of HUM Nutrition's products might come with some side effects. For example, some people who took Flatter Me experienced constipation and gas for several days and one woman would burp to the point that she wouldn't take it before a date. One user taking Fan Club said it caused her headaches after taking the product for a week. Target shoppers said Daily Cleanse made them nauseated and bloated.