The Real Reason You Should Always Drink Ginger Ale On A Plane

When you see the flight attendant's cart being pushed your way down the cramped aisle, you most likely have already decided what you are going to ask for. After all, there are some drinks we just associate with being on a plane. Tomato juice, mini bottles of alcohol, and ginger ale, to name a few. Everyone has their flight time favorites, but have you considered why certain drinks seem to be so popular while flying through the clouds? We've got the answer as to why ginger ale is a top pick, and the reasons make us even more confident in saying that you should always drink ginger ale on a plane. 

While ginger ale may carry more of a boring reputation as a "sick day" beverage or as "just a mixer" to some more exciting cocktails while on the ground, its history is much more compelling. According to Paste, ginger ale was originally developed in Ireland and England and erupted in popularity in North America during the 1920s Prohibition. Speakeasies discovered the pale yellow, bubbly drink made spirits like gin and whisky much easier to drink. So how did this drink go from a bootlegger's accessory to a highly popular beverage of choice while sitting on a plane?

Every sip of ginger ale tastes extra-refreshing

It could be due to the fact that our taste buds react a little differently when we fly. This is due to the drier air and cabin pressure. These factors can limit our sense of taste and smell, making certain foods and drinks taste a bit different than they would on the ground, according to Health. The air inside an aircraft cabin is about as thin and dry as it is on top of a mountain peak, making ginger ale's crisp and dry notes taste extra-dry and crisp while on a plane. Every sip is as extra-refreshing as the next.

Another reason ginger ale is popular in the air is for the same reason it is popular to drink when you're not feeling your best on a normal day. Licensed dietary nutritionist Lauren Grosskopf explained to Travel + Leisure that ginger ale is a popular flight drink because of its supposed medicinal benefits. Ginger has been viewed as a remedy for nausea, indigestion, and muscle pain (via Healthline). These also happen to be common symptoms of flying. Even if popular ginger ale brands don't provide significant amounts of ginger, the power of suggestion can help. "Ginger helps ease stomach upset with nervous flyers," Grosskopf says. So whether you order this popular ale because of it's extra refreshing taste, or for its medicinal benefits, just remember to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.