Why Women Find Bald Guys Attractive, According To Science

Men, it's time to take off that cover you've been wearing and let it all hang out. We're talking about the hat on your head. According to science, it might not be in your best interest to be hiding your bald head. We know, it must be music to men's ears knowing that in addition to a 'dad bod' being attractive, a bald head can actually place you on a woman's radar. Here's why some women find bald men attractive.

Business Insider reports that a study done by the University of Pennsylvania found that bald men were seen as more dominant and successful by everyone around them. The study's leader, scientist Albert E. Mannes (worth noting that he was also bald), showed 59 participants two photos of the same man. In one photo, the man had a full head of hair, and in the second photo, he was bald. The findings reported the participants found the same man to be more dominant, strong, and overall more successful with a bald head.

A shaved head can be a sign you're active with your decisions

Luckily for men who are debating on a 'power buzz,' or have already said adios to their strands long ago, being bald screams more about your decision-making skills than your age. Tech-entrepreneur Seth Godin tells the Wall Street Journal, "I'm not saying that shaving your head makes you successful, but it starts the conversation that you've done something active," he says.

In addition to being seen as attractive and more dominant, a hair-free head can also make a man appear wiser. A study done by psychologist Ronald Henss, with over 20,000 subjects, alluded to findings that bald men are evaluated as being wiser and more intelligent, Insider shares. Additionally, the University of Pennsylvania study found that men with bald patches or thinning hair were actually seen as less attractive than their fully bald counterparts.

So now that you have proof backed by science, don't be afraid to take the leap and commit to what is arguably the easiest hairstyle of them all. Besides your hair, what have you got to lose?