The Two Things You Should Do The Morning You Get Vaccinated

Hurray, it's vaccination day! The feelings of anticipation, nerves, and relief may be making it hard to clear your thoughts and get prepared for your appointment. But according to some healthcare professionals, there are a few helpful things you should do before getting vaccinated.

Now you want your vaccination to go as smooth as possible right? And there is a lot out there in the news these days about what not to do after receiving a vaccine. But we ought to be focused on what we should be doing pre-vaccination, as well. UCHealth's Medical Director of Infection Prevention Michelle Barron, M.D., shares her advice with Best Life. "You want to follow your normal routine of making sure you've had something in your tummy," she says. Eating a proper breakfast (or at least a hearty snack) is key to lowering your light-headedness or dizziness before, during, or after vaccination.

What should you drink before getting the vaccine?

Now we know coffee or tea is a "morning must" for most. And as stated above, you should follow your normal morning routine. But consider having a glass of water with your oatmeal or eggs, as well. Katie Markley, M.D., a primary care physician, tells UCHealth how important it is to stay hydrated before getting a vaccine. Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration, unclear thinking, and mood changes. None of these symptoms are desirable for your everyday health, especially on vaccination day. Dr. Markley recommends that you wear loose-fitting clothing the day of your vaccination, too. Doing so will help you feel more comfortable, and will also give the vaccination administer easy access to your upper arm.

So there you have it: Two simple tasks, eating a nutritious breakfast and drinking enough water, can help ensure a smoother vaccination day. And of course, the COVID-19 vaccines are in the spotlight these days, but  these tips apply to most types of vaccines. So, eat up and cheers with a giant glass of water, and you'll be on your way to a smoother vaccination day.