What Is The Healthiest Kind Of Bread?

It may seem as though there aren't any good choices when it comes to bread. With dozens of loaves lining grocery store shelves, there should be at least a few types of healthy bread, right? There are, but to find them you'll need to do some research and read some labels first. 

The ingredients list tells you everything about the bread you need to know. If the first ingredient contains the word "whole," then you are on the right track. But if it's the second ingredient that contains the word "whole," be aware that the bread may only contain about half the amount of whole grains — or even less (via Prevention). In addition, you should check for other nutritional data, such as fat and sodium levels. Choose breads that don't go over 200 grams of sodium per slice (via WebMD). Likewise, one slice of bread should have between 3 to 5 grams of fiber with no added sweeteners (via Healthline).

Look for breads that contain 100% whole wheat

The healthiest breads are made from 100% whole wheat or 100% whole grain, according to dietitian Laura Jeffers. Jeffers told the Cleveland Clinic that labels claiming to be made from either 100% whole wheat or whole grain are a plus. Labels that list "wheat" or "multigrain" without using a percentage should be avoided. "They sound healthy, but they're probably made with partially or mostly refined white flour. Wheat flour is 75% white flour and only 25% whole-wheat," she said. She also warned that any ingredients that are "enriched" are not the best choice because it means the company added supplements to white bread that was stripped of any nutrients.

Sprouted bread, sometimes referred to as Ezekiel bread, might be the healthiest bread choice because it is generally made from whole grains and/or seeds that have sprouted. Sprouting seeds and grains offer several health benefits, as they include essential nutrients like iron and zinc. These types of breads have a decent amount of fiber and are also typically lower in gluten and higher in antioxidants (via The Healthy).

Looking for healthy bread may seem like a daunting chore, but there are a few brands that rise to the occasion.