Is Ezekiel Bread Actually Good For You?

Ezekiel bread sets itself apart with its wholesome and nutrient-dense ingredients. It's made with sprouted organic grains and loaded with micronutrients including amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and fiber (per Food For Life). For bread lovers searching for a healthy option, Ezekiel bread is a top choice containing no added sugars or flour. One slice of bread is 80 calories, with .5 grams of fat, 15 grams of carbohydrates, and 4 grams of protein (via Eat This, Not That!).

Registered dietitian Jessica Crandall tells Eat This, Not That!, "When you're reading an ingredient list, you should be looking for the word 'whole grain,' which means that the grain is still intact and hasn't been processed and essentially re-fortified."

According to Healthline, Ezekiel bread is made with four types of whole grains and two types of legumes, including wheat, millet, barley, spelt, soybeans, and lentils.

"Ezekiel bread is a non-processed, high-fiber, healthy whole grain bread that tastes great when paired with all-natural peanut or almond butter," notes registered dietitian Lisa Moskovitz (via Eat This, Not That!).

What are the health benefits?

Eating whole grains has several health benefits like lowering your chances of heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses (per Mayo Clinic). The Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggests that whole grains comprise at least half of all the grains consumed in a person's diet.

Daily consumption of whole grains can also contribute to weight loss. Registered dietitian nutritionist Ginger Hultin explains via The Healthy, "Fiber and whole-grain foods are filling, nutrient dense, and help you feel satisfied, so those are some of the potential reasons why."

What makes Ezekiel bread different from other whole grain bread is the use of sprouted grains. According to WebMD, sprouted grains are lower in anti-nutrients that can interfere with the body's ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. They may also increase digestibility and have anti-inflammatory effects, making Ezekiel bread one of the most nutritious loaves of bread on the shelf.

There is one caveat. Ezekiel bread is not gluten-free. For those with celiac disease, Ezekiel bread won't be for you. Marissa Meshulam, a registered dietitian, tells Women's Health, "Wheat, spelt, and barley are ingredients in Ezekiel bread, and all contain gluten. This is not compatible for a gluten-free diet."