How Many Calories Do You Burn Walking A Mile?

As it turns out, walking is a simple and effective exercise that you can do to help improve your cardiovascular health and lose weight (via Healthline). In fact, walking is actually a great way to burn calories without exerting yourself too much. However, the exact amount of calories burned while walking can vary from person to person. That's because there are multiple factors that go into the number of calories you burn during a walk, including your pace, weight, age, gender, and even the type of terrain you're walking on.

In order to find out how many calories you burn while walking a mile, you will need to use an online calculator to measure your basal metabolic rate (BMR), exercise intensity (METs), and the duration of your workout. Multiplying these three factors together will give you a rough estimate of the amount of calories you burn after walking a mile.

How to burn more calories

Generally speaking, a 180-pound person will burn 100 calories walking a mile, while a 120-pound person will burn around 65 calories. If you're looking to burn more calories while covering the same distance, however, there are few things you can do to accomplish this goal (via Verywell Fit). For instance, you can burn more calories by running a mile instead of walking leisurely. That's because it takes more effort and energy for your body to lift your feet off the ground at the same time when you run.

You can also try racewalking, which uses more energy from your muscles during a stride than regular walking. Furthermore, you can burn more calories by walking a mile on uneven terrain or surfaces. Walking or running up hills, stairs, or using the incline on your treadmill can intensify your workout and increase the level of difficulty, causing you to expend more energy and burn more calories.