Andra Picincu

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Spiru Haret University
Nutrition, Healthy Eating, Recipe Development
  • Andra enjoys trying out new and unconventional ingredients and adding her own twist to the latest food trends.
  • She enjoys recreating classic recipes using healthier foods, as well as developing quick, easy recipes for healthy desserts, snacks, and vegan meals.
  • Her extended trips to the Scandinavian region allowed her to explore local cuisines, learn new cooking techniques, and then use her newly-acquired knowledge to develop unique recipes.


Andra is a registered nutritionist and lifelong entrepreneur with a passion for health and well-being. As a dual graduate in psychology and business, she knows how to leverage the written word to share her insights and help people reach their goals. In her daily life, Andra provides digital marketing consulting, copywriting services, and nutrition counseling. She also enjoys experimenting with new ingredients, creating recipes, and showing others how to make sustainable, healthy lifestyle changes. Over the years, she has ghostwritten several books on nutrition, clean eating, vegan cooking, and other related topics.


Andra holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and one in marketing and international business, plus certifications in nutrition, fitness, and PR. Her educational background allows her to help people live healthier lives, starting with the foods they eat on a daily basis.
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