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University Of Santo Tomas, Philippines
Women's Preventive Health, Impact Of Pregnancy On Women's Bodies, Labor And Delivery
  • Jennifer took a very keen interest in OBGYN when she was in medical school. She learned how to care for pregnant women, and she has experience in delivering babies and assisting in cesarean sections.
  • She also has first-hand experience in women's preventive health, which includes performing Pap smears and breast exams.
  • As a doctor, she learned how to translate complex medical terminologies into simple and easily understandable concepts.


Jennifer has always been passionate about writing, but she was never able to fully explore her interest until recently. She has been working as a freelance medical writer since late 2020. By day, she works at a clinic with practicing physicians and assists them in seeing patients. By night, she trades her stethoscope for her keyboard and writes for health and wellness websites. She continues to expand her knowledge by staying up-to-date on current health issues and trends in healthcare.


Jennifer has a Bachelor's degree in Biology, and is a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). She received both degrees from the University of Santo Tomas, one of the top-ranking schools in the Philippines. She is currently working on becoming a fully licensed physician in the United States.
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