Jennifer Co

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University Of Santo Tomas, Philippines
Medicine, Biology, Psychology
  • Jennifer has been working as a freelance medical writer since 2020.
  • As a doctor, she learned how to translate complex medical terminologies into simple and easily understandable concepts.
  • She wants to stop the spread of misinformation, and does extensive research before relaying information to others.


Jennifer has been fulfilling her passion for writing by bridging it with her background in medicine and biology. During her undergraduate studies, she participated in national conferences where she was able to share her research to other experts in the field. Since graduating from medical school, she's contributed numerous articles for health websites like Healthily and Oak Street Health. She continues to expand her knowledge by staying updated on current health issues.


Jennifer has a Bachelor's degree in Biology, and is a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). She received both degrees from the University of Santo Tomas, one of the top-ranking schools in the Philippines.
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