Drink This Unique Fruit Juice To Help You Poop Instantly

In Latin, it's known as "malum granatum" or "grainy apple," and for good reason. When you cut open this fruit, you see lots of bright red seeds, also known as "arils," inside. 

We're talking about pomegranates, of course. The sweet and tart fruit with a bitter aftertaste is thought to be native to Iran, southwest Pakistan, and some parts of Afghanistan. But it's now commonly found in many other parts of the world, including the U.S. It is, however, a unique fruit, mainly because it's not something you turn to often. 

But maybe you should, especially if you're looking for genius ways to get yourself to poop instantly. Drinking pomegranate juice, also known as "pom juice," apparently gets things moving a lot sooner in your digestive system. You can thank the fruit's fiber content for this (it has 4 grams per 100 grams of raw fruit), specifically the insoluble fiber which makes up 80% of the total dietary fiber in the fruit. Insoluble fiber is what keeps things moving smoothly and quickly in your digestive tract by adding bulk to your waste. 

The natural sugars and water help with bowel movements

According to registered dietician Michelle Saari (via Long Term Care RD), the hydrating properties of the juice and its natural sugars can help with pooping too.

"There is an even split of fructose and glucose in pomegranate juice ... The naturally occurring sugars in the fruit also have a laxative effect, this in addition to the high fibre and water content can help move poop along the digestive tract," shared the expert. 

Plus, consuming enough liquids throughout your day is an important part of having healthy bowel movements. While it's always advisable to keep up with your recommended intake of water every day (15.5 cups for men and 11.5 cups for women), it's also nice to mix things up sometimes by adding things like pom juice to the equation. Things can get really unpleasant when you're constipated. Adding this unique juice to your diet might just ensure you're timely and discomfort-free. Pomegranate seeds are also rich in antioxidants. They're great for brain health, heart health, preventing free radical damage, and kidney stone prevention. They also have a rich concentration of vitamin C, important for metabolism and collagen synthesis, per Good Housekeeping. Now that you know what this fruit can do for you, you might be wondering how to blend the stuff into liquid form. 

How to make pomegranate juice

Making the stuff at home gives you better control over ingredients. You can avoid added sugars and other preservatives that might come with the store-bought kind. 

Don't be unnerved by the appearance of the fruit. You may be tempted to just cut the whole fruit in half but this can get messy and make it difficult to remove all the seeds (which are what you're after). Instead, start by slicing off the top bit of the fruit — the stem end — so you can see the bright red arils inside. Then slice into the skin — in sections — from top to bottom. Use your hands to gently tug the sections apart and you'll find a disassembled fruit from which it's a lot easier to remove the seeds. The white bits and skin aren't edible and the root and stem should not be consumed. 

Once you've scooped up all the seeds, throw them in a blender, add about half a cup of water, and blend. Run the mixture through a strainer and enjoy. One fruit might yield one-half cup so you may need more if you want a few glasses to share. As for how much pomegranate juice to have every day, 8 to 12 ounces is a safe amount, per Mount Sinai. Avoid the juice if you have diarrhea though as it can make matters worse. Also, be mindful that you might be allergic to the fruit or it might react negatively with certain medications like blood thinners and high blood pressure pills, according to WebMD