The Best Time To Day To Eat Carbs

Public opinion on carbs is a mixed bag. Some believe limiting or cutting them out completely is the key to a dream body. While others maintain that they are an important part to a balanced diet even if weight loss is a goal. Whichever side you stand on, most of us can agree that all carbs shouldn't be seen as equal. That extra large pizza isn't going to affect your waistline the same way a baked sweet potato would.

In addition to what type of carbs you are eating, the time of day you are enjoying them is also worth considering. Why? Niket Sonpal, M.D., New York-based gastroenterologist and professor at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine explains to HuffPost why some believe that timing their carb intake will influence their health goals. "Those who practice partitioning of their meals theorize that by timing their nutrients, they can guide the way the body uses these resources," she shares. Depending on what your goals are, here is the best time of day to chow down on carbohydrates.

Carbs may give you quick energy, but be aware of what options you are choosing

According to Healthline, carbs can play an essential role in building muscle and improving athletic performance. There are two types of carbs — simple and complex. Complex carbs are generally the most recommended source as they have the most nutrients and take longer to break down. Things like peas, whole grains, beans and vegetables are considered complex carbs, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Though simple carbs don't tend to win trophies for being the healthiest option, they are a good source of quick energy. So if you are running from work straight to a spin class and are already feeling exhausted, then choosing a simple carb option like an apple, or other type of fruit, for quick energy could really help your performance on the bike.

Sure, an apple is healthy, but other simple carb choices like pastries and sugary sodas aren't. And, they can also hinder your weight loss goals. If you are wanting to consume carbs in order to maximize your workouts, then inKin recommends eating bananas, trail mix, dried fruit, or Greek yogurt before hitting the gym.

Research around timing your carbs for muscle building and fat loss is inconsistent

If your goal is to lose fat but you still wish to eat carbs and are wondering when to eat them, unfortunately we can't give you a specific time. "While research shows significant purpose in timing protein before and after a workout, the body of scientific studies on the topic is divided when it comes to carbs," Dr. Sonpal tells HuffPostHealthline concurs, reporting that while there have been studies that suggest consuming carbs earlier in the day instead of in the evening time may be the best option, there is still inconsistent research to make that theory a fact.

You may have also heard that eating carbs after a workout will help with recovery. But that has only been proven in high endurance athletes and bodybuilders. So we who sporadically hit the gym or take a class every now and then may not benefit from high-carb meals following a workout in the same way, explains HuffPost.

The research on the best time to eat carbohydrates has experts dividing their opinions, and, everyone's body reacts differently after ingesting carbs. Some may feel instantly tired, while others may feel a burst of energy. So we recommend finding out what your body's own reaction is towards eating carbohydrates, and using this information to achieve your own personal health goals.