Hannah Gordon

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Colorado Springs, CO
University Of Chicago
New York University
Nutrition, Fitness, Mindfulness
  • Hannah has worked on original research in both math and public health.
  • Additionally, Hannah has taught math, health, nutrition, and fitness at all age levels.
  • Hannah also leads guided meditations and has extensive experience with meditation and mindfulness.


Hannah has worked as a writer for nearly 10 years. She began her career as a math teacher but ultimately pivoted to teaching health, nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, music, cooking, standardized test prep, and a variety of other subjects at all grade levels. She has also worked as an education administrator in curriculum and assessment development. She brings her extensive teaching experience into her writing, aiming to distill complex ideas into clear, simple language. She co-wrote a book (published in 2016) about the mathematics of a popular card game, and she has also written articles for blogs about nutrition, dehydration, sleep science, fitness, mindfulness, and other topics related to health science. She loves doing research and keeping up with current scientific literature.


Hannah has a bachelor's degree in mathematics and music, a master's degree in education from the University of Chicago, and another master's degree in public health nutrition from New York University.
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