Jay Wilson

United Kingdom
University Of Manchester
Restaurant Industry Trends, Recipe Hacks, Italian Cuisine
  • Jay has years of experience in the restaurant industry, working as everything from a chef to a front-of-house manager, to a freelance marketing assistant, to swabbing the floors at night.
  • He is obsessed with the vibrant London food scene, and he makes it a mission to try at least three new restaurants a month.
  • An avid chef, Jay has a particular passion for Italian cuisine, working in a number of acclaimed pizzerias across the U.K.


Jay is a freelance content writer and copywriter with a specific focus on the food industry, recipes, and nutrition. A full-time freelance writer since 2019, he was previously a frequent contributor to Drink Filtered. Before being a full-time writer, Jay worked in the food industry for several years, and thanks to his time as a restaurant marketing assistant, he has a keen insight into shifting food trends. He has also written for Health Digest and House Digest.


Jay holds a First Class B.A. in English Literature. As an English grad, Jay loves thinking about how language can be used to inspire and inform in equal measure.
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