Photo of Ribhu
Bengaluru, India
Popular Culture, Health, Royals, Politics, Breaking News
  • Ribhu has covered popular culture and gossip with Static Media and other brands in recent years, breaking news and writing stories catered to a large audience.
  • He has been covering health for Static Media. He has also written about health for major publications in the past, and has also run a health weekly newsletter.
  • He has actively read about the royals and has written about them for Static Media.


Ribhu is a freelance journalist, writer, and published poet who covers popular culture and health for Nicki Swift and Health Digest. He's been in the industry for over five years and has written and edited for other magazines and publications such as OK!, Earth Island Journal, and Scroll, among others. He's also run a health weekly newsletter. Ribhu likes running, cooking, reading, and just lazing around on cool grass in his free time.


Ribhu earned a BA, focusing on topics like English Literature, Journalism and Creative Writing, and Psychology.
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