Lauren Cahn

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New York, NY
NYU School Of Law, Tufts University
Food, Culture, Entertainment, History
  • Lauren Cahn has a way with words — both written and spoken — in the same way that a fine chef has a way with foods or a sculptor with clay. She's been honing her communication skills since childhood when she wrote her first novel, Teacher's Pet. At Tufts University — where she wrote for the Tufts Daily for all four years, the English Department unanimously elected Lauren to Phi Beta Kappa, and the Academy of American poets cited her with an Honorable Mention for two poems.
  • As a first-year law student at NYU Law School, she wrote her way onto the Journal of International Law and Politics while also writing, producing, and appearing in the NYU Law Revue (the law school's musical comedy). As an attorney, Lauren frequently ghost-wrote for partners at her law firm and eventually developed her own byline, including at Art in America magazine. Over time, as more and more journalistic opportunities presented themselves, including in 2007, when the Huffington Post sought her out as a writer after having come across her personal blog, Lauren gave in and transitioned to writing full time.
  • Lauren Cahn's research and writing skills are so impeccable that the Deputy Editor of Reader's Digest once said "If there's a secret document at the Pentagon, I bet Lauren Cahn can find a way to obtain it." Her work has frequently been circulated throughout that organization as an example of how reporting should be approached and executed.


Lauren Cahn is a food, health, and culture writer whose work has appeared online and in print for Reader's Digest as well as the Huffington Post, Health Digest, The Healthy, The List, Eat This, Not That!, Taste of Home, and others. Lauren graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Tufts University with a degree in English before earning her law degree from NYU Law School. She practiced law in New York City for more than a decade before realizing her penchant for "just the facts" was even better suited to journalism. Lauren prides herself on the fact that she taught her two grown sons to cook — and now they're both better than her. Don't let her accessible, conversational tone fool you. A history buff, science nerd, public speaker, and part-time yoga teacher, Lauren brings an eclectic wealth of knowledge and experience to her work for Mashed, Health Digest, and The List. Lauren has written so prolifically over the years about food and entertainment, the British royal family, unsolved mysteries, animal behavior, and human body language that she is frequently quoted, by name, as an authority on such topics.


Lauren Cahn received her Bachelor's Degree in English from Tufts University, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and graduated with highest honors. She went on to earn her Juris Doctorate from NYU Law School, earning a writing position on the Journal of International Law and Politics. Lauren's educational background gave her a place among the nation's most elite intellectual minds, from whom Lauren has never stopped learning and who inspire Lauren daily to continue producing compelling, trustworthy, and precise content.
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