Abreva Or Blistex: Which Cold Sore Remedy Is The Most Popular?

Often found alongside the mouth, lips, and sometimes the cheeks or nose, fever blisters — otherwise referred to as cold sores — are clusters of small blisters that emerge as a result of a viral infection (via WebMD). As many as 90% of individuals around the globe are reported to have contracted one or more versions of the virus, known as the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Characterized by tingling sensations, itching, burning, pain, swelling, redness, weeping blisters, and more, those who develop cold sores for the first time may also experience fever, sore throat, headache, and an upset stomach, amongst other symptoms. For others, repeat outbreaks may be caused by stress, fatigue, allergies, menstruation, or the consumption of certain food items.

Cold sores are no fun. Thankfully, there are over-the-counter (OTC) products available that can provide much-needed relief. To determine which cold sore medicine is most popular amongst readers of Health Digest, we asked 612 survey participants to choose their most preferred cold sore remedy out of five possible answer choices. Lysine received the least amount of answer selections, making up 7.84% of total survey responses. This answer choice received 48 votes. Consisting of menthol, calendula, olive oil, and more, Lysine offers a scientifically-backed formula to reduce cold sore healing time, as per Quantum Health.

Most people prefer Blistex for cold sore relief

With 65 votes was Mederma. This answer selection accounted for 10.62% of the total survey responses. Offered in the form of a patch, Mederma products both cover up cold sores, as well as preserve moisture to protect against scabbing. 88 participants selected Orajel as their go-to cold sore remedy. This answer was responsible for 14.38% of the total answers received. Promoted as the top oral pain relief brand for adults, Orajel touch-free products offer cold sore relief from symptoms such as pain, throbbing, itching, and more.

The top two most popular answers selected by participants came down to Abreva and Blistex. Raking in 143 votes and accounting for 23.37% of total answers was Abreva in second place. As per their website, Abreva Cream contains an ingredient known as Docosanol to heal the deepest layers of a cold sore. Not only that, but the company states that its products can do away with cold sores in just over two days. Earning 268 votes, Blistex ranked as the ultimate crowd favorite, making up nearly 44% of total answer responses. Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment is promoted as an effective analgesic that protects against dry, cracked lips due to cold sores (via Blistex). Some of their alternate products can provide users with relief through cooling ingredients, as well as SPF protection from the sun's rays. As per WebMD, excessive sun exposure is one factor known to prompt cold sore outbreaks.