Is It Okay To Take Apple Cider Vinegar During A Fast?

Have you wondered how to knock out hunger pangs during a fast? Low-calorie drinks quench thirst while keeping the body in keto mode, and apple cider vinegar is a fermented fave. Intermittent fasting has gained recent traction as a natural way to stay lean. If you're fasting for health and fitness, though, is apple cider vinegar allowed?

Fasting is abstaining from food as the body enters ketosis. According to Diet Doctor, ketosis is activated when the body has little to no carbs for a period of time. During this process, blood-glucose levels drop, signaling the liver to create ketones. At this point, metabolism amps up and the body begins to burn fat for energy. This is a metabolic miracle for the fitness enthusiast. Specific food and drinks with a low caloric count maintain this condition of ketosis (via Lean Squad). 

Apple cider vinegar is celebrated as an easy way to detox. According to Medical News Today, taking diluted ACV shots daily may stimulate strengthened immunity, balanced pH levels, improve management of diabetes symptoms, or lower cholesterol. Apple cider vinegar slows digestion rates, causing the body to feel fuller longer. AVC also staves cravings. Handle with care though, Everyday Health warns that consuming this fruit-based vinegar regularly could run the risk of eroding enamel in teeth or irritating digestive tracts. To neutralize unwanted risks, ACV can be taken in capsules or enjoyed with sizable amounts of water and a straw.

Is ACV a fast-breaker?

If you want a calorie-free flavor for your water, ACV is the answer. It is safe to take and will not bring the body out of ketosis. In short, just add water. ACV's fermented goodness, according to Medical News Today, will help generate good gut bacteria and can help regulate your blood sugar levels. According to Harvard Health Publishing, there have been a few small studies that showed taking vinegar made from apple cider can also stimulate weight loss. 

Suggested doses for daily intake are 1 to 2 teaspoons to an 8-ounce glass of water. Simple ingredients such as honey, cayenne, ginger, or lemon can be added to taste. Recipes to spice up the tangy mixture can be found online.

While the heart-happy claims are accurate, adding ACV is only the tip of a dietary iceberg. If you are taking insulin or medications, chat with a clinician before deciding to use ACV. Apple cider vinegar can safely be added to a daily regimen while fasting. Experts advise a balanced, sustainable diet accompanied by periodic exercise to promote full health.