• lasagna on plate from above

    Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe

    This cheesy saucy vegetarian lasagna is equally nourishing and delicious. Serve it with a side of garlic bread to scoop it all up in one flavor-packed bite.
  • two bowls of jambalaya

    Vegetarian Jambalaya Recipe

    This nourishing vegetarian jambalaya is a twist on a classic meat-centric dish. Enjoy this easy and flavorful one-pot recipe it as the weather cools down.
  • broccoli polonaise in bowl

    Broccoli Polonaise Recipe

    This broccoli polonaise is a simple recipe that's packed with flavor. Hard-boiled eggs, breadcrumbs, and parsley garnish steamed broccoli for a tasty dish.
  • stuffed pasta shells in bowl

    Vegan Stuffed Shells Recipe

    These delicious vegan stuffed shells are a favorite for everyone. Packed with flavor and nutrients, this easy dish can be whipped up as a quick and tasty meal.
  • bowl of eggplant curry

    Thai Eggplant Curry Recipe

    This savory Thai eggplant coconut curry is brimming with flavor and nutrients. Serve it with rice or your favorite grain for an easy weeknight meal,
  • tzatziki in bowl

    Vegan Tzatziki Sauce Recipe

    This refreshing vegan tzatziki checks all the boxes for a delicious and vibrant dip. Serve it with warm pita bread, raw vegetables, or in a sandwich.
  • farro salad with sweet potatoes

    Vegan Farro Salad Recipe

    This colorful vegan farro salad is nutritious, versatile, and delicious. Serve it as a nourishing side dish with your favorite protein for a satisfying meal.
  • yule log on cutting board

    Gluten-Free Yule Log Recipe

    This gluten-free Yule log is comprised of moist chocolate cake and decadent chocolate frosting that tastes undeniably delicious.
  • apple crisp in a bowl

    Easy Apple Crisp Recipe

    We'd like to make this apple crisp recipe your new go-to. Put your apple bounty to good use and bake up a batch of this warm apple crisp fit for fall days.
  • vegetarian corn chowder

    Vegetarian Corn Chowder Recipe

    You don't have to be a full-on vegetarian to enjoy the delights of this vegetarian corn chowder that recipe developer Sher Castellano brings to Health Digest.
  • tofu feta plated

    Tofu Feta Recipe

    Made from pressed, extra-firm tofu and spiced with a combination of Mediterranean flavors, this tofu feta is delicious in salads and more.
  • smoothie in a glass

    Flaxseed Smoothie Recipe

    What's not to love about a smoothie? This particular recipe gives you a good serving of fruits and veggies, including banana, blueberries, and spinach.
  • zucchini meatloaf

    Zucchini Meatloaf Recipe

    This meatloaf is loaded with flavor thanks to the addition of spices such as garlic powder, parsley, cumin, and chili flakes, and it has a unique texture.
  • salad in a bowl

    Healthy Black Bean Salad Recipe

    This healthy black bean salad combines the taste of black beans with the addition of onions, peppers, tomatoes, and a little jalapeño for added flavor.
  • pumpkin bread slices

    Vegan Pumpkin Bread Recipe

    If you are a vegan but craving some killer pumpkin bread, then we have the perfect recipe for you! Try this vegan pumpkin bread recipe today.
  • pumpkin spice ball with bite

    Pumpkin Spice Bites Recipe

    If you are looking for a spin on energy balls and want them to taste more fall-themed, then this recipe is perfect for you.
  • crispy baked tofu bowl

    Crispy Baked Tofu Recipe

    Tofu is an extremely versatile plant-based food that can take on many flavors and forms. For this reason, it can be a strong component of any diet.
  • cabbage pancakes

    Cabbage Pancakes Recipe

    When we stumbled on a particularly delightful version of cabbage pancakes while dining out this past summer, we felt compelled to recreate it.